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The new software solution with real products and systems facilitates visualisation for architects and planners. 

Developers want a virtual tour of their building prior to starting construction in order to obtain a realistic impression of components and their materials, colours and dimensions. As two-dimensional floor plans and views often only provide a very limited presentation of the final result, architects and planners are frequently faced with the challenge of providing realistic representations of complex plans for their client. Three-dimensional visualisations with realistic photo quality, so-called 3D renderings, are essential in order to convince investors and developers to take on a project. 

However, elaborate 3D models can only be brought to life if the components envisaged by the architect can be represented realistically and not just as standard components, which are already available in the planning software of conventional material libraries. 

This issue is solved by the Autodesk Revit programme. The popular BIM software opens up a new world of opportunities for the user. A new, unique graphic core allows the software to operate using an object-oriented method with integrated parametric models and supports the new Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology. BIM records, combines and links all the relevant planning data digitally. 

For example, in everyday use this means that changes to a window in the 3D view of the external façade are automatically reproduced in the floor plan. This saves architects an enormous amount of time and also minimises the risks of planning errors. 

Another benefit of using the programme is the ability to integrate various system solutions from renowned building material manufacturers. OWA, headquartered in Amorbach in Odenwald, now also offers its entire ceiling range as a tool called "OWAconsult® designer" that can be used in Autodesk Revit. 

For example, if the user is planning to install an acoustic ceiling, they are not just provided with all the technical data, such as the minimum heights, clearances and tile sizes. 

One of the software's key strengths is its visualisation. Using the above example, the planner can now download all the surface designs for the ceiling systems from a library deliverednbsp; by OWA and present this to their client. The realistic representation of the colours and textures with natural lighting give the room images a deceptively genuine appearance.

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Anyone who thinks that these complex 3-D views would take an excessive amount of computation time is mistaken. The Cloud computing function allows large rendering processes to be outsourced and they do not interrupt the user's workflow. This frees up new capacities for other projects.




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