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Legal framework for buildings

Fire behaviour classification

Building products are regulated according to European and international standards and classified according to different fire protection classes. OWA ceiling systems meet these requirements.

Find out here which standards must be observed during planning.

The relevant standard for ceilings with cover layers made of e.g. mineral tiles, metal etc. is EN 13964 “Ceilings – Requirements and test methods”. These types of ceilings are covered by the European Construction Products Directive. Individual products, as well as full kits, have a CE marking and declaration of performance (DOP). National verification is not required.

Relevant standards for ceilings regarding fire behaviour

According to EN 13501-1, building products are divided into different classes according to their fire behaviour. The fire behaviour class must be verified by a test certificate issued by a notified testing agency.

Products from our OWAcoustic premium/smart ranges are available in the classification A2-s1, d0 according to DIN EN 13501-1.

OWA products for special applications (e.g. for hygienic areas) can have a lower classification. This is shown on the respective product information pages.

Relevant standards for ceilings regarding resistance to fire

Fire resistance includes a system test of the ceiling and the load-bearing structure above it (floor slab, roof, etc.). The main European classification standard is EN 13501-2. The aim is to prevent the passage of fire from bottom to top or vice versa for as long as possible.

Components are classified in fire resistance classes according to their fire resistance duration.  The most important results of the fire resistance classes of OWA ceiling systems can be found in our brochure on fire protection.

For UK only please consult the general brochure on fire protection and on the OWAcoustic fire resistant ceilings range.

Fire protection ceilings according to EN 13501-2

Resistance to fire in combination with the load-bearing structure:

Steel beam floor
Reinforced block floor
Reinforced concrete hollow slab
Composite floor
Timber structure
Timber floor

Self-contained fire protection units

Fire box