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However, costly 3D models can be brought to life only if the components intended by the architect can be realistically displayed and are not just standard components that are already available in conventional material libraries for planning software.

This can be remedied by the Revit program from Autodesk. The BIM software, which is already widely in use, opens up entirely new possibilities for users. On the basis of its own, new graphics core, the software is object-orientated with integrated parametric models and supports the new Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology. With BIM, all relevant planning data is digitally recorded, combined and networked.

In everyday use, this means that changes to a window in the 3D view of the external façade are automatically replicated in the floor plan. This saves the architect an enormous amount of time and simultaneously minimises the risk of planning errors.

Another advantage of the program is its possible integration with different system solutions from well-known manufacturers of construction materials. Odenwald Faserplattenwerke GmbH offers ceiling systems as a tool called “OWAconsult designer” for implementation in Autodesk Revit.

If the user is planning an acoustic ceiling, for example, not only is all technical data available such as minimum heights, distances and tile sizes, the program also calculates the materials needed for the property.

One of the special features of the software can also be seen in the visualisation. In our example, the planner can display all surface designs for ceiling systems from a library provided by OWA and present them to his or her customer. The realistic display of colours and textures with natural light depiction make the images of rooms that are created on the computer appear deceptively real.

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