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Clean room
OWA ceiling systems for optimal air purity

Ceilings for clean rooms may emit only minute quantities of airborne particles to meet the requirements for air purity that they have to comply with. Standard DIN EN ISO 14644-1 defines the maximum permissible limits for this. Our OWA metal and many mineral ceiling systems are suitable for application areas requiring high and very high levels of air purity.

For advanced interior concepts

OWA metal ceiling systems

With the test result up to ISO 1, OWAtecta metal ceiling systems comply with the threshold values of DIN EN ISO 14644-1 in up to nine of nine classes (ISO classes 1 – 9). They thus qualify for many clean rooms and clean room areas such as in precision engineering and optical industries or in high-tech electronics production. This is also confirmed by numerous tests by the Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart.

You can find details about the inspections in our brochure “Ceilings for special tasks”.

OWA mineral ceiling systems

Selected OWA mineral ceiling systems achieve a purity level up to ISO 4 (according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1) and are thus qualified for many clean room areas. These products are high-quality wet felt products (mineral tiles manufactured with wet processing), whose components are tightly bound. Additional edge sealing is not necessary for this reason.