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Resistance to humidity

OWA ceiling systems for high humidity areas

In some application areas such as swimming pools or changing rooms with showers, ceilings are exposed to high levels of moisture. Moisture is referred to as relative humidity (RH) and always depends on the room temperature. For these application areas, it is important to use the right suspended ceiling systems.

Stable ceilings even in difficult climates

We have developed special ceiling solutions that meet the highest requirements. Depending on the product line, thickness and version selected, our ceiling tiles are resistant to humidity with a relative humidity up to

  • 90% peak
  • 95% peak
  • 95% permanent or
  • 100% peak.

The regional climate and local conditions determine which resistance to humidity the selected product needs to have. If in doubt, we would be happy to help you select the right product.

For areas with high levels of humidity, we also recommend the corrosion protected OWAconstruct System S 3e .

The humidity resistance of our ceiling tiles is continuously examined in-house. The tiles are exposed to the corresponding temperatures and humidities over several days and the dimensional stability is continuously documented. Only those tiles that meet the criteria are released for sale.