With Unique we have developed a real alternative that combines three important properties: sound protection, fire protection and environmental protection. Unique is a low-emission wet felt mineral tile that sets a unique visual accent and is up to 100% recyclable thanks to its natural properties:

Canto & Curve ceiling canopies

Our Canto and Curve ceiling canopies enable visually attractive acoustic solutions – either as monoliths for discreetly designed conversation areas in the room or laid in formations with a restrained and harmonious surface. A big acoustic plus is that Curve is an A-class absorber and can be supplied in various coloured fabrics, offering even more ceiling design options:


Humancare is a ceiling tile with a special hygienic finish. This prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi and germs; even Noro viruses and MRSA pathogens don’t stand a chance. Excellent absorption values also contribute towards a pleasant room acoustic climate. This makes Humancare ideal for hospitals and even nurseries and schools, among other places:

System S3 ceiling installation

Find out here how you can install the OWA System S 3 ceiling system:

OWAconsult collection by Hadi Teherani

Our in the meantime our multi-award-winning collaboration with well-known architect and designer Hadi Teherani is an important milestone in OWA’s corporate development: numerous internationally-recognised design awards reflect the company’s strategic alignment and consistent customer orientation: