Detailaufnahme S 3
1 Hanger no. 12/.../...
2 Main tee no. 45, slotted every 100 mm or 156.25 mm
3 Cross tee no. 46
4 Cross tee no. 47
5 Cross tee no. 48
6 Wall profile no. 50G
7 Axis distance

Source: DS 9991

Technical data


Dimensions: 600 x 600 mm, 625 x 625 mm, 1200 x 600 mm, 1250 x 625 mm
Widths: 300 mm, 312.5 mm, 400 mm
Lengths: 1200 mm, 1250 mm, 2000 mm*, 2500 mm*

(Other sizes available on request. See OWAlifetime collection price list for minimum quantities and surcharges)

* Only conditionally removable



Tile thickness

Approx. 15 mm and 20 mm (OWAcoustic premium)
Also suitable for OWAcoustic smart (technical data on request).

Fire behaviour

A2-s1,d0 as per EN 13501-1

Metal system

All metal components galvanized or coated white, also available as OWAcliq-system, more
details and colours see OWAlifetime collection price list

Minimum suspension depth

75 – 100 mm (depending on the existing ceiling slab)
For easy removal of the 120 mm tiles

Fire protection

see brochure no. 9500 eu e or no. 9500 e uk


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