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Press | 2. April 2024
McDonald’s Worldwide Convention celebrates its premiere in Barcelona

Discover OWA solutions for different types of restaurants from April 8 to 11 At the beginning of April, the Spanish metropolis of Barcelona will host the major event “McDonald’s Worldwide Convention“. Franchisees, McDonald’s employees and accredited suppliers from all national markets are expected to attend this event, which is being held in Europe for the […]

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Press | 20. November 2023
75 years of Quality & Innovation

OWA is the Standard for Acoustical Ceiling Systems Since our foundation, Odenwald Faserplattenwerk GmbH has been providing contractors, designers, and architects with ceiling systems that achieve unmatched acoustical control and innovative design for 75 years. Dur success can be attributed to three things: the people that contribute to the production and sales, sustainability of the […]

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Press | 28. April 2023
OWActive Mineral Climate Ceiling wins the 2023 Green GOOD DESIGN Sustainability Award

The OWActive Mineral Climate Ceiling wins the 2023 Green GOOD DESIGN Sustainability Award in the Green Product category. Founded in Chicago in 1950, GOOD DESIGN is the oldest of the world’s established award programs for innovative and visionary product design. Since 2007, the GREEN GOOD DESIGN Awards honors those products and projects that are fully […]

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Press | 30. May 2022
OWActive Mineral Climatic Ceiling: Honored with the Green Product Award 2022

The OWActive mineral climate ceiling delivers a comfortable, efficient and natural indoor environment and has been honored with the international Green Product Award 2022. Since 2013, the international Green Product Award has honored products and services in 12 categories that stand out in terms of design, innovation and sustainability. “The OWActive Mineral Climate Ceiling shows […]

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Press | 4. May 2022
Oak Creek Civic Center, Wisconsin

Visually Interesting & Acoustically Controlled Reading Space Backround The Oak Creek Civic Center was designed as a brand new, 104,812 SF combined space between Oak Creek’s City Hall and Public Library. The shared space was intended to be the central hub of Oak Creek’s Drexel Town Square, located just outside Milwaukee, WI. Bray Architects, lead […]

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Press | 15. March 2022
Moody Outpatient Center at Parkland Hospital, Dallas

Hygienic Solution with Acoustical Control for a Calming Environment   Backround The Parkland Health and Hospital System is responsible for treating 44,000 patients for breast health services each year, including 20 percent of all breast cancer patients in the Dallas County region. Previous facilities were crammed, not easily accessible and required multiple appointments across several […]

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Press | 15. March 2022
Bristol Agricultural High School, Dighton

Flexible Solutions for Unique Learning Spaces   Backround The Bristol Agricultural High School in Dighton, Massachusetts, serves as one of the most unique educational opportunities in the country. The curriculum is developed around excellent vocational-technical academic programs and an overall focus on agricultural science and the natural environment. The wide range of educationalprograms were supported […]

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Press | 4. December 2020
OWA hygienic ceilings don’t give viruses a chance

Modern construction philosophies have changed the way we look at building materials. Interior building finishes, particularly in the healthcare sector, have expanded well beyond simply fulfilling technical conditions. The planning, construction and operation of healthcare facilities has become a very detailed, complex process in recent years. The various functions of operating suites, patient rooms, corridors […]

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Press | 29. May 2020
Octave – A Smooth Solution for Every Acoustical Challenge

The Octave line was recently introduced to the US market earlier this year (branded as Sinfonia across Europe). This premium line addresses acoustically challenging spaces providing the flexibility to integrate tiles seamlessly for the desired acoustical outcome. Manufactured with high-quality mineral wool direct from the Odenwald Mountains in Germany, the Octave Line represents the peak […]

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Press | 28. April 2020
Evidence of Good Taste

Global award winning “Corpus” ceiling canopies, designed by renowned architect Hadi Teherani, utilized in dining areas of four Beckhoff Automation locations. OWA’s “Corpus” elements, designed by world-renowned architect and designer Hadi Teherani, is a perfect example of how acoustical ceiling canopies can be transformative stylistic elements for successful interior design. These highly absorptive cubic elements, […]

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