Press | 4. December 2020
OWA hygienic ceilings don’t give viruses a chance

Modern construction philosophies have changed the way we look at building materials. Interior building finishes, particularly in the healthcare sector, have expanded well beyond simply fulfilling technical conditions. The planning, construction and operation of healthcare facilities has become a very detailed, complex process in recent years. The various functions of operating suites, patient rooms, corridors […]

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Press | 29. May 2020
Octave – A Smooth Solution for Every Acoustical Challenge

The Octave line was recently introduced to the US market earlier this year (branded as Sinfonia across Europe). This premium line addresses acoustically challenging spaces providing the flexibility to integrate tiles seamlessly for the desired acoustical outcome. Manufactured with high-quality mineral wool direct from the Odenwald Mountains in Germany, the Octave Line represents the peak […]

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Press | 28. April 2020
Evidence of Good Taste

Global award winning “Corpus” ceiling canopies, designed by renowned architect Hadi Teherani, utilized in dining areas of four Beckhoff Automation locations. OWA’s “Corpus” elements, designed by world-renowned architect and designer Hadi Teherani, is a perfect example of how acoustical ceiling canopies can be transformative stylistic elements for successful interior design. These highly absorptive cubic elements, […]

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Press | 26. April 2020
OWA Humancare – protected from the very top

Hygienic ceilings reduce the growth of pathogens and reduce stress in the health care sector. Our health is our greatest asset – we are more aware of this today than ever. Care and treatment of sick people require top performance every day. Especially in the health and care sector, hygiene measurements preventing the spread of […]

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Press | 9. April 2020
Health – our most precious asset

Studies show the importance of interior design within the health sector When discussing health, two topics are currently the focus of attention:  how to reduce the spread of the corona virus and the targeted treatment and cure of sick people. It is the social responsibility of our society and we are well aware that it […]

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Press | 3. January 2020
Leader in European Design expands into US Acoustic Ceiling Tile Market

Munster, IN, January, 2020 – Germany-based OWA ceiling solutions has expanded into the US market, bringing with them over 70 years of innovation in building materials and construction, and over 55 years of open space solutions and acoustical panels. This global family-owned company, one of the few that focuses only on ceilings, possesses an impressive […]

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Press | 21. January 2019
OWA enjoys a ‘winning’ start at BAU 2019

Why does a manufacturer of building materials still attend a traditional trade fair in the age of digitalization? To present new products and gain direct feedback during talks with the customer. Simple visualisation is insufficient especially when designing attractive rooms with high-quality ceiling systems. Decision-makers, planners and installers want to experience the products, to touch […]

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Press | 17. January 2019
Seamlessly happy – OWA has the plan

Are vast seamless ceilings with a fine plaster coating and excellent acoustics nothing more than a pipe dream for architects and installers? Not at all! The seamless OWAplan ceiling system – also part of the OWAconsult collection – has been completely upgraded. Fleece lamination at the factory makes the work onsite even more convenient. The […]

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Press | 15. January 2019
New and absolutely ‘RAW’ – Industrial design made by OWA

‘RAW’ – OWA could not have chosen a better name for the new mineral ceiling in its OWAconsult collection. The different surface finishes in grey, structure and clay – all in the natural material look – are a convincing asset when planning trendy interiors in a purist industrial design.

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Press | 14. January 2019
OWA 4.0 – New website with intuitive product finder

Planners, craftsmen, traders – everyone wants to find the right product for their specific needs as easily and with as few clicks as possible.

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