Technical data

Overview of the technical data of the OWAlifetime collection


The size indications for the different systems always relate to the dimensions of the module. The precise size of the individual tiles is coordinated precisely with the systems by the factory.

Fire behaviour

OWAcoustic premium: A2-s1,d0 as per EN 13 501-1
OWAcoustic smart: A2-s1,d0 as per EN 13 501-1


OWAcoustic premium: Standard 15 mm nom. or 20 mm nom.
Special fire protection or sound-proofing products: 30, 33, 40, 44 or 110 mm nom.
OWAcoustic smart: 14 mm nom.


OWAcoustic premium: approx. 160 – 450 kg/m³
OWAcoustic smart: approx. 280 – 430 kg/m³

Basis weights

OWAcoustic premium: thickness 15 mm nom.: approx. 3.3 – 4.8 kg/m²
Thickness 20 mm nom.: approx. 3.3 – 6.8 kg/m²
OWAcoustic smart: approx. 3.7 – 4.8 kg/m²


Careful installation and appropriate working conditions are a prerequisite for a perfectly installed ceiling.


Only use construction parts from the OWAconstruct® range– the right profiles and individual elements are available for every installation.

Before laying OWA ceilings, please ensure:

• Rooms are dry
• Plastering, screed and installation work as well as wet operations are complete
• Windows and doors are already installed and glazed
• The heating system is connected and can be operated where necessary


The substructure consists of galvanised sheet steel. Visible sides are white coated as standard. Other colours available on request. Weight (depending on system): approx. 1.5 to 3.0 kg/m²

Coefficient of thermal conductivity

0.057 W/mK

Light reflection

approx. 78 – 91% (depending on design)

Relative humidity

OWAcoustic premium: to 95% RH, peak
OWAcoustic smart: to 90% RH, peak
OWAcoustic premium Mavroc: to 95% RH, permanent
OWAcoustic premium: (special ceilings for high humidity areas) to 100% RH, peak

Fire protection

Requirement for the total load-bearing building component:
ceiling slab + false ceiling, resistance to fire 0 to 180 min. (REI 180).

Requirement for the false ceiling alone:
Independent fire protection unit (from above and below), resistance to fire between 30 and 90 min. (EI 30 or F 30 to F 90).

Sound protection

Against transmission of sound over the ceiling cavity:
sound reduction of 24 dB to 49 dB.

To reduce noise and regulate reverberation time:
average sound absorption of 15% to 100%.

Transport & storage

Do not drop individual packages and do not set them down on their corner or edge. Store in a dry place and on an even surface, do not place on damp ground. The tiles are always packed face to face in the cartons. Where possible, uncover the tiles by cutting through the packaging. Always take two tiles out of the box or packet together, face to face. Always grasp the tiles with both hands. Multilingual notes on the storage and treatment of OWAcoustic® tiles are enclosed within every package.

Follow-up treatment

OWAcoustic tiles can be given a new colour at any time after using insulating paint beforehand. We recommend standard emulsion paint. With regard to the effect of painting on the acoustic performance of the tiles, please observe our recommendations.