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Detailaufnahme S 6c
Variant 6a:
1 Wall profile no. 51/20, 20/50 mm, ~ 1.0 mm thick, pre-punched
2 Z profile no. 19/10
3 C profile no. 36 or 36/70 (2-fold)
4 T profile no. 40

For further information, please refer to brochure no. 9991 e.

Source: DS 9991 e

Technical data


Widths: 300 mm, 312.5 mm, 400 mm
Lengths: 1200 mm, 1250 mm, 1500** mm, 2000* mm, 2500* mm

(Other sizes available on request. See OWAlifetime collection price list for minimum quantities and surcharges.)

*Only conditionally removable
** Depending on the surface


Short edge: 3
Long edge: 3

Tile thickness

15 mm nom. (OWAcoustic premium)

Fire processes

A2-s1,d0 as per EN 13501-1


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