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Apropos listening: The product line allows precise acoustics design with the same surface thanks to a choice of six variants offering different levels of acoustic effectiveness. Depending on the requirements and local conditions, the acoustics can therefore be subtly adapted without any perceptible differences in appearance. Just about any acoustic requirement can be fulfilled, ranging from outstanding sound reflection across an intelligent combination of high absorption and sound reduction through to 100% absorption. This produces freedom to create.

Sinfonia Silencia is our strongest sound absorbing mineral ceiling (A absorber) and optimised for use in areas where concentration and stress reduction are key aspects of the interior design.

Sinfonia Balance is our universal mineral ceiling in the premium segment and thanks to a unique combination of good sound absorption and high levels of sound reduction, it allows for optimum acoustics inside and outside rooms.

Sinfonia Privacy guarantees pleasant room acoustics thanks to its medium sound absorption and its outstanding sound reduction performance also protects privacy.

Sinfonia Reflecta is a tile with outstanding sound reflection properties. It is developed for excellent audibility, e.g. in the area of a speaker, and is especially suitable for educational institutions.

In addition to modular design of room acoustics, the Sinfonia product line also provides high levels of creative freedom. 213 RAL colours enable a blend of optimised acoustic architecture with bespoke interior design.

The tiles are also available with a hygiene finish. (Colour variations and hygiene finish not available for Sinfonia Reflecta.)

The manifold prizes recently awarded to OWA are testament to the innovative power of the brand. For example, products from the OWAconsult collection have recently won at the China Good Design Award 2018, the bdia ausgesucht! 2018, the ICONIC AWARDS 2018, the Red Dot: Best of the Best (2018), iF DESIGN AWARDS 2018, the German Design Award 2018, and the MIAW. The logical consequence is that the OWAconsult collection is being continuously improved and upgraded. Among these innovations are the OWAplan and RAW product lines, as well as the introduction of new lighting elements for the modular Corpus system. These and other innovations will be presented to a specialist audience for the first time at the BAU trade fair on Stand 538 in Hall A2.