Reference: Retail
BMW, Den Haag

  • BMW, Den Haag

    The perfect all-rounder

    High acoustic performance with an understated, refined look: You can solve the requirements for modern ceiling systems very economically with OWAcoustic® premium Sinfonia. Rarely has the market solved so many demands with a single product. OWAcoustic® premium Sinfonia is convincing with an ideal mix of advantages: fleece-backed, with an unperforated appearance from below, technically strong and attractive in price. A genuine “all-rounder”.

  • EDEKA, Unterwössen


    Acoustic ceilings with printed Creaprint surfaces open up previously unknown free space for abstract and also concrete image portrayals, as the ceiling reminiscent of the starry sky shows in the new supermarket in Unterwössen. It is part of an unusual shopping experience together with the panorama of the surrounding Chiemgau landscape on the walls and the big sun on the ceiling.