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Cafeteria, Eicklingen

  • Cafeteria, Eicklingen

    Slanted concrete look

    Large rooms require appropriate heights so as not to appear oppressive. During the conversion of classrooms into a school cafeteria, this was realized by having the acoustic ceiling not run horizontally, as is usually the case, but rather follow the slant of the mono-pitched roof.

    An additional special feature of the project is the exposed concrete look of the Opus ceiling.

  • Grundschule (Primary School), Meinersen

    Four at one stroke

    The idea of using acoustic ceilings to lend individuality to the various rooms at the day school in Meinersen while preserving their unified appearance was even expanded to the mineral ceiling panels. They all feature the same smooth, bright, light reflecting surface, which emphasizes their common nature, and at a cursory glance even gives the impression that the same panels have been used for all of them.

    But in fact, closer inspection reveals four different panel designs, each with different acoustic properties specifically adapted to the respective room. This made it possible to optimize the relationship between sound reflection and absorption for each group of rooms.

  • Liebig Grundschule (Primary School), Dormund

    Listening without straining

    Acoustic ceilings with new, extra-thin mineral acoustic panels improve audibility in three rooms at the Liebig grade school in Dortmund without changing the original appearance, thanks to installation between the joists.

  • Primary School, Täfertingen - Entrance and Recreational Space


    The fully renovated Täfertingen Primary School includes two striking acoustic ceiling solutions, each quite different in their architectural expression. The ceilings in the classrooms, which create the impression of flatness by employing a special slanted installation with the  System S 3 stand in contrast to the linear lighting design in the recreational space with System S 15 b OWAline with OWAlight. These suspended ceilings have significantly improved acoustic levels and ambient noise.

  • Primary School, Täfertingen – Hallway


    The lighting design in the hallways follows that of the recreation area, here  OWAlight  was used in the form of a dynamic offset layout.

  • Primary School, Täfertingen – Classrooms


    In effect, the design is a ceiling canopy mounted at a slant, which is recognizable in the opening between the ceiling and the windows on the top right.

    Surface pattern Sinfonia

  • Brede School, Utrecht

    School acoustics by experts,
    tax revenues used more efficiently

    School buildings that hinder learning must be renovated – but not at any price. We will show you the way to an economical solution. Tailor-made school acoustics on a scientific basis, suited to each room type. With an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

    DS 9933 e – Acoustic solutions for schools
    (OWAlifetime collection)

  • Theresia-Gerhadinger-Realschule, Amorbach

    High NRC is nothing, reverberation time is everything

    Ideal school acoustics exist where sound absorption and sound reflection are in balance. For rooms with an optimal reverberation time and voice intelligibility. Practical studies in a Sindelfingen secondary school prove: Less can also be more! Even (less expensive) ceilings with less sound absorption achieve the required reverberation time.

    Trockenbau Akustik 5/2006
    (OWAlifetime collection)

  • Renovation of a school building, Kirchzell

    Individual ceiling acoustics with diverse light fittings

    With the goal of creating better educational opportunities, the municipality of Kirchzell has combined its primary school and nursery under one roof. During the process of renovating the school building, the kindergarten was integrated on the ground floor with a crèche facility. The functional characteristics of the acoustic ceilings here are specially geared to this different room usage.

  • Altlünen Gymnasium, Lünen an der Lippe


    An acoustic ceiling with an extraordinary design in the Gymnasium Altlünen ensures reduced reverberation times and is also a fascinating counterpoint to the distinctive exposed concrete used in the building construction. Bright and seamless visible surfaces and elegant curved edges give the ceiling a sail-like look. In addition to the variable design, fire protection of the inflammable ceiling construction was a key criteria in the decision-making process. OWAplan

  • Erftal Grundschule (Primary School), Eichenbühl - Classroom

    The classroom at the Erftal Primary School was fitted with the OWA Cosmos tile (needle punched) and the S 3 system to provide optimal room acoustics.