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Screen GmbH, Wolfsburg

  • Screen GmbH, Wolfsburg


    The comprehensibility and clarity of the speech in a room can be influenced by acoustic ceilings. In rented rooms, however, this solution may encounter limits because it requires encroaching into the building substance, with which the landlord must be in agreement canopies require less effort and expense here, as they can be used as a fixture and when moving out can simply be removed again.

  • Architonic, Berlin

    Absorbers integrated into the room structure

    Selecta are ceiling canopies made of fleece-covered mineral tiles, which combine sophisticated form consciousness with the high acoustic demands of the work ­environment.  They are high performance absorbers with a performance ratio of 100 % (αw = 1.00), whereby the additional rear-side absorption provides better results than can be achieved with a closed suspended ceiling. The individual­mountings have deliberate gaps to allow the ceiling to be seen, which in turn provides noticeably better room acoustics.

  • Otto-Lüpke-Haus, Friedensau (copy 1)

    Light and acoustics in context

    The rector’s study and outer office at the Otto-Lüpke-Haus are on the ground floor. It was logical to address this dual requirement regarding light and sound with a single, integrated solution. The solution is based on OWAlight LED light profiles, whose linear form can be integrated very elegantly in the joints between the mineral ceiling panels. When switched off, the light source is practically invisible, but as soon as it is switched on, a structure of light lines is revealed in an arrangement that can be reconfigured individually for each project.

  • Fixemer Group, Berlin

    Concentration as a result of premium acoustics

    In Berlin, a logistics company's call centre received a special acoustic ceiling to ensure a quiet room atmosphere that promotes concentration. The sound absorption was designed specifically for the employees' intensive telephone activities. Details such as the lack of cut tiles or elegant black concealed joints on the edges of the light-coloured tiles also gave the acoustic ceiling an impressive look. The OWA Cosmos/N tile was used.

  • Fixemer Group, Berlin
  • Fixemer Group, Berlin

    The concept of a performance-enhancing office atmosphere in the former employment agency building did not just include daylight, but also a fascinating internal look, which was carefully planned down to the details of the ceiling design. The S 15b OWAline ceiling system with exposed main and cross tees and tiles that are removable for maintenance and installation activities were used. The 600 x 600 mm square tiles give the ceiling a subtle rhythm.

  • 1&1, Munich

    Meeting point WITH good acoustics

    At the lounge the employees of 1&1 in Munich find a good place for relaxation. The ceiling tile Cosmos/N with the system S 3 turns the room into a meeting point with good acoustics and also into a place to get new energy.