Detailaufnahme NEW Sandila/N smart


14 mm
Mineral ceilings
Surface material
Sanded and colour coated, white
Similar to RAL 9003 signal white
Building material class
A2-s1,d0 (DIN EN 13501-1)
Absorber class
Light reflection
ca. 87 (ISO 7724-2, ISO 7724-3)
Sound reduction Dn,f,w*
up to 29 dB
Sound reduction CAC*
up to 31 dB
DOP declaration of performance
OWA-00002.1 - Mineralpl-A2-s1,d0
Fire behaviour according to ASTM
class 1 (ASTM E84)|class A (ASTM E1264)
Resistance to humidity
up to 90 % RH, short-term
Sound absorption
αw = 0,55, NRC = 0,60
Resistance to fire*
up to REI 120 (EN 13501-2)
* Resistance to fire and linear sound insulation depending on size, system, ceiling slab and other additional measures as well as availability in the respective market. Further versions on request. If you have any questions about your individual project, we will be happy to help you.

Seals and certifications

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