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OWA hygienic ceilings: for disinfectability and sterile conditions

Tough demands are placed on the materials used in hospitals, laboratories and other sterile areas. Above all, focus is placed on preventing the spread of bacteria and mould and enabling the ceiling tiles to be disinfected and cleaned.

Germs, viruses and bacteria have no chance

OWA mineral ceiling systems

For applications in areas where hygiene is critical, we offer ceiling tiles that have varying hygienic properties depending on requirements and the relevant version, such as:

  • Clean room qualification up to ISO 4 (ISO 14644-1)
  • Disinfectability
  • Prevention of the growth of fungi and spores as well as bacteria and viruses

Our mineral ceiling tiles that are manufactured using wet felt technology have an extremely low filter effect, which means that less dirt settles and the ceiling stays looking as good as new.

Additional functional areas