• Founding of the company and management
    Founding of the company and management


    Odenwald Faserplattenwerk GmbH was founded by Friedrich-Karl Rogge in the town of Amorbach in the year 1948.

    OWA had grown into a major provider in the wood fibre acoustic and soundproof panel market by 1960, when Friedrich-Karl Rogge discovered a new material in America which had fascinating characteristics: mineral wool. He bought a license, then immediately went on to develop his own mineral wool panels featuring a host of innovations.

    Courage and a spirit of invention - traits that still characterise the family-run firm OWA today.

  • Company founding and management
    Company founding and management

    In 1987 Dirk Rogge and Rainer A. Wagenmann took over joint management of the company.

    Mr. Rogge – responsible for technology – focused on developing the facility further from a technical perspective and introduced various solutions for increasing capacity. The construction of the office tower in 1999, which Rogge monitored as an initiator, planner and owner, was trendsetting. 13 years afterwards, the "House of Ceilings" was awarded the Gold standard based on Leed®.

    Mr. Wagenmann – responsible for the commercial area – used his analytical skills and strategic strengths to drive forward the company's plans for internationalisation and growth.

  • Company founding and management
    Company founding and management

    Maximilian von Funck (on the right) is a grandson of the company`s founder Friedrich-Karl Rogge. Since  October 2014 he is part of the management. Since January 2016 he is responsible for the commercial area as  Managing Director.

    Jürgen Theobald is Managing Director since October 2014. He is responsible for the areas engineering,  operations and human resource management.

    Norbert Müller (on the left) is new Deputy Commercial Director. He has been with OWA since his apprenticeship in 1974.

  • Wool facility
    Wool facility

    Between 1975 and 1977, the company invested in a facility for producing mineral wool. It had its own means to produce "black wool" from basalt - a material that became the distinguishing feature of OWAcoustic® tiles for 20 years. The company has also been producing its own perlite, another raw material used in mineral wool tiles, since 1994.

  • Wool facility
    Wool facility

    In 1997, the mineral fibre plant changed over to a new base material: biodegradable mineral wool (white wool). Acquired from a mixture of sand, waste glass, dolomite and lime, this product is completely safe and fulfils all national and international regulations.

  • 1999 - The company moved into the "House of Ceilings"
    1999 - The company moved into the "House of Ceilings"

    This building resembles the bridge of a ship and is located near the eastern entrance to the OWA campus. The star-shaped construction creates structures and geometric forms that are more than just mere features of the building’s distinctive appearance; they also impact on the working environment within its walls – a successful concept by architect Josef Haberkorn from Obrigheim.

    Our office tower was certified with Gold by LEED® in 2012.

  • In-house production of profile systems and metal ceilings
    In-house production of profile systems and metal ceilings

    In 2006, the company worked with a joint venture partner to open a production facility in China for OWAconstruct profile systems.

    In 2010, that same partnership enabled the company to open a facility for OWAtecta metal ceiling tiles in China.

  • The new showroom
    The new showroom

    2012 saw the opening of The 7th Floor® - a 360°-degree panoramic gallery at the very top of the office building. Under the direction of Hadi Teherani, star architect with a worldwide reputation, this showroom became home to the newly developed OWAconsult collection, among other products.

  • New production of profile systems
    New production of profile systems

    OWA is the industry’s only ceiling manufacturer to have its own construction and profile system. Although OWA profiles were previously produced exclusively in China, in 2011 management decided to serve the global rise in demand from a second production facility near to the HQ. This newly opened plant started production in 2012.

  • Relocation and renaturation of Billbach
    Relocation and renaturation of Billbach

    Frequent flooding of the production site forced the relocation of a nearby stream. Local water management authorities had already assessed the feasibility of renaturing the course of the stream in 1990. This was followed by soil tests and planning.

    Between 2009 and 2011, all 1430 metres of the stream were relocated and renatured.

    Flora and fauna were gradually and ecologically redesigned, resulting in improved water quality for example. This created new habitats for protected species of butterfly, herons and not least for the shy kingfisher, which is no more troubled by the factory location than the ducks who have sought a new sanctuary here.