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We are always looking for qualified employees to join our business units.
Here is what you will find with us:

Diversity and Integration

OWA employees just under 600 people worldwide. Our diverse company culture developed as early as the 1960s. Men and women, foreign and German employees, industrial employees, technicians, engineers and managers, members of the owners' families, trainees, job starters and employees with experience - this spectral mix of cultures, characters, talents and age groups form the company "spirit" of OWA. A spirit we want to preserve and promote.

Stretching and Supporting

Providing a sustainable professional outlook is one of our top priorities. This is why we advocate sound professional training for the commercial sector, as well as the technical area. Thanks to this, we can encourage employees to realise their full potential and develop their career. We support the individuality of each person with personal and technical further training.

Service and Result-Orientated

We ask our employees to display individual responsibility and a team spirit. Being able to take responsibility is necessary for maintraining a healthy balance in life and work. Greater autonomy at work means greater freedom and flexibility to make decisions independently and to organize your workload.

Health and Safety

The health of our employees and their safety in the workplace are very important to us, and we maintrain a recognised high level of health and safety. OWA offers all employees a workplace free from known health and safety risks. Purified air, lighting, ergonomics in the workplace: we strive to constantly improve these essential factors.

Revitalising the Region

OWA is one of the largest employer in the southern Lower Main region. We therefore feel a sense of duty to promote the region. We are active at our sites, especially in Amorbach, Odenwald, where we have been based for 70 years. We work to improve social, ecological and economic vitality around our area by supporting and promoting environmental initiatives, associations and charitable organisations.

OWA - a good workplace for everyone.

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Helmut Dörr
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