TYPE 6500

If the existing construction cannot support any additional load from a suspended ceiling, or spans that are too great for a standard OWA ceiling system design, they have to be bridged. There is the option of using OWAconstruct® wide span profile system, Type 6500 can be used in these areas.


OWA Weitspanntraeger Typ6500 Systemzeichnung

1 C wide span profile no. 6500
2 Suspension hook no. 6510
3 Base plate no. 6520 (2 pieces per suspension, arranged diagonally)
4 Threaded rod M10 onsite
5 Nut M10 and washer M10 onsite
6 Hanger clip no. 6530
7 Self-drilling screw no. 6540
8 Installation set no. 6550
9 Connector bracket no. 6560
10 Primary carrier no. 6570
11 Steel carrier
12 Fixing materials as per structural requirements and manufacturer information
13 Adaptor no. 6580 for suspension Double carrier
14 Screw M8 x 30 mm, nut M8 and washer onsite (2 pieces per suspension, arranged diagonally)



OWA Weitspanntraeger Typ6500 C-Weitspannprofil

C wide span profile no. 6500:
Depending on the grid spacing, wide span profile and weight of the suspended ceiling, 
spans of up to 7.7m can be realised.

Available lengths:
4000 mm, 6000 mm (others available on request)

Wall abutment

OWA Weitspanntraeger Typ6500 Wandanschluss


Installing a continuous carrier:
The profiles must overlap, back to back, by at least 500 mm and must be suspended in this area.

OWA Weitspanntraeger Typ6500 Montage Durchlaufträger


Double carrier screw:
Use installation set no. 6550 to screw in all pieces at 500 mm intervals. Attaching in smaller sections is not permitted.


OWA Weitspanntraeger Typ6500 Doppelträgerverschraubung

TYPE 8550

In addition to the OWAconstruct® wide span profile system Type 6500, there is also the option of using our exposed wide span profile system Type 8550. This has special dimensions (profile height 75 mm) in order to bridge greater spans as an exposed system (profile width 24 mm).


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