The tiles generally receive a coating on both sides. The standard finish to the exposed side is white.


Size information on the different systems relates to the grid dimensions. The exact size of the individual tiles is factory-adjusted to the precise system requirements.

Building material classes

OWAcoustic premium: A2-s1,d0 under DIN EN 13 501-1
OWAcoustic smart: A2-s1,d0 DIN EN 13 501-1


OWAcoustic premium:                                  Approx. 15 and 20 mm
OWAcoustic premium (inches):                   5/8“ or 51/64" Approx.
OWAcoustic smart:                                       Approx. 14 mm
OWAcoustic smart (inches):                       9/16" Approx.

Area weights

OWAcoustic premium:                                  Approx. 300 kg/m³
OWAcoustic smart:                                       Approx. 300 kg/m³

Surface weights

OWAcoustic premium: Thickness 15 mm: approx. 4.5 kg/m²
Thickness 20 mm: approx. 6.0 kg/m²
OWAcoustic premium: Thickness 5/8": approx. 4.5 kg/m²
Thickness 51/64": approx. 6.0 kg/m²
OWAcoustic smart: Approx. 4,2 kg/m²


Careful assembly and suitable working conditions are required for a perfectly installed ceiling. Recommendations: only use construction components from the OWAconstruct® programme – the correct profiles and individual elements are provided here for every installation situation. Please check ensure the following before installing an OWA ceiling:

  • Dry rooms
  • Completed plastering, screed-, wet- and installation activities
  • Installed and glazed windows and doors
  • Connected heating systems that can be operated on demand if required


The grid consists of galvanized sheet metal. Exposed sides are coated white as standard. Other colours are available on request. Weight (depending on the system): approx. 1.5 to 3.0 kg/m²

Coefficient of thermal conductivity

0.063 W/mK

Light reflection

Approx. 90% for white surfaces

Relative humidity

OWAcoustic premium:                up to 95 % RH, short-term
OWAcoustic smart:                     up to 90 % RH, short-term
OWAcoustic premium Mavroc: up to 95 % RH, permanent
OWAcoustic premium:                up to 100 % RH, permanent

Fire protection cover

Regulations for the entire weight-bearing component: structural slab + suspended ceiling, fire resistance of 30 to 120 min. (F 30 to F 120 and REI 30 to REI 120). Requirement for the suspended ceiling alone: independent fire protection unit (from above and below), fire resistance of 30 to 90 min. (EI 30 and F 30 to F90).

Sound protection

Prevention of sound transfer over the ceiling void: sound insulation of 30 dB to 49 dB. For noise reduction and regulation of the reverberation time: average sound absorption of 15% to 80%.

Transport and storage

Do not drop individual packages and do not set them down on a corner or edge. Store on a dry and flat surface – do not place on a wet surface. The tiles are always packaged cap to cap. Completely expose the tiles by cutting open the packaging. Always remove two tiles from the carton or package at the same time, cap to cap. Always hold the tiles in both hands. Notes on the storage and treatment of OWAcoustic tiles are enclosed in every package in several languages.

Subsequent re-decoration

OWAcoustic tiles can be re-painted with a new colour following an initial insulating coat. We recommend a customary dispersion paint. Please refer to our acoustic recommendations in the event of an acoustic renovation.