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This is the name under which we deliver our printed ceiling tiles – with designs prepared based on your requirements and ideas. Such as with logos, text, graphic pictures, letterings, symbols, pictograms, etc. This also includes various decorative elements. The picture ceilings let us raise the roof with anything informative or that just looks good. The options range from individually printed tiles through to a large area ceiling design.

Dessin examples Creaprint

OWAconsult Dessin Creaprint Coll

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Starry sky*                             Galaxie blue*                           Galaxie black*                          Clouded sky*

* These motifs can be provided by OWA. Motifs on other pictures are individual artworks.

Individual motifs can be send to us. Please consider our information sheet "File guidelines for large-scale digital printing".

Creaprint is also available with the surface Plain.



DimensionsThicknessαw / NRC
600 x 600 mm15 mm0.70/0.65

610 x 610 mm

625 x 625 mm

15 mm

15 mm





> System S 15 cliq

> System S 3

> System S 3 cliq

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