OWA Produktion

DIN EN ISO 14001 certification

We are certified in accordance with the international environmental management standard 14001. In so doing, we have committed ourselves to pursuing a continuous process of improvement with regard to defined environmental objectives and to monitoring the results of our efforts, as well as adherence to all relevant legislation.

LEED® Gold for OWA

Our "House of Ceilings" – the administration tower and company HQ of OWA – was already seen as a groundbreaking office building when it was built in 1999. In 2012 we had the building certified according to the LEED® standard for existing buildings. Rating: Gold! Innovative technologies were implemented at the planning stage, such as a heating system using waste heat from the production plant and cooling without "air conditioning" – using only water. These processes are still not a standard feature of today's office buildings.

Breathe again at OWA?

Visitors to our company HQ in Amorbach are constantly astonished by the good air that they breathe here. And that in view of the "smoking" chimneys of a major industrial production plant. When you look a little closer it all becomes clear: what leaves our exhaust systems is virtually pure water vapour. After all, Amorbach is a climatic spa, known for the health-giving properties of its air, and that is how it is to remain.

More intelligence for less energy

It takes energy to produce ceiling tiles. We use natural gas, the most efficient fossil fuel, and we are continuously improving our energy technology. In 1998, when we first built our 7-storey office building, we already provided for the waste heat from the mineral wool production facility to be used to heat the building. A heat recovery system far ahead of the current technology in 2006 uses the waste heat from the dryers for manufacturing the basic tiles. Benefit: the air needed for combustion is pre-warmed, which significantly reduces natural gas consumption and CO2 emissions. And we can also use it to heat our production shops. The result: 20 % lower total energy consumption and a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions. For this innovation we were awarded the environmental prize of our natural gas supplier, E.ON, in 2007.

Water, clouds, clean solutions

Around 80% of the water needed in the OWA plant is vaporised in the production process. The white clouds that can be seen over the plant in Amorbach are made up of pure water vapour. The remaining production-related water is recycled and only 7% of the total water volume is disposed of via a municipal wastewater treatment plant.

Our noise stays inside

Mineral wool production generates noise. That's why the entire production area has to be sound-proofed. Amorbach's status as a spa resort stipulates very tight tolerances. Our production and logistics chain is organised up accordingly; delivery and loading times are carefully regulated at OWA. There is a strict ban on loading at night.

New paint mixing facility

Only by monitoring the entire manufacturing process from start to finish is it possible to optimise processes quickly and precisely. We have made sure that the technical heart of our tile finishing facility is at the cutting edge of technology. The result: significant savings in raw materials, better paint handling, perfect checking of all batches, better reproducibility, greater flexibility for customers' special requests, shorter running periods for the machinery thanks to optimised mixing technology.

Reuse of consumables

We are major consumers of materials such as cardboard, cardboard packaging, foils and wood. We exploit our buyer power for ecological purposes. We predominantly use recycled paper and we source packaging materials from manufacturers who are committed to eco-friendly production. Almost all our consumables can be recycled.




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