OWA Menschen

We are committed to our responsibility as a company, to our employees and to our global and regional environments. We get involved at our plant locations, above all at Amorbach in Odenwald, where we have had our registered HQ for over 60 years.

We keep thinking (and acting)

OWA is a family firm entering its third generation. Maximising profits at any price, guided by short-term shareholder-value interests is an alien concept for us. And yet we continue to grow internationally at a dynamic pace. We see this as confirmation of long-term business objectives.

Ground-breaking: our corporate guidelines

In 2011 we drew up a comprehensive set of regulations, representing a mutual commitment between management and employees to act in an ethical manner. Environmental protection and occupational safety are extremely important in this factory.

Occupational safety is environmental protection

Workplaces also represent environments. We offer our employees ergonomic working environments, wherever possible. Danger areas are secured as well as possible, hazardous emissions are prevented. Our safety representative guarantees the high standard of our health and safety measures throughout the plant. Regular training sessions keep our employees' expertise in dealing with hazardous substances right up-to-date.

For a vital location

OWA is the biggest employer in the southern Lower Main region. This commits us to regional involvement. We systematically strengthen the social, ecological and economic vitality around our plant – by supporting and funding environmental initiatives, clubs and charitable institutions.

Encouraging involvement, developing talent

We want to generate interest, develop talent and promote achievement. For that reason we place great importance on the further education and training of our employees. We want to give our young people lasting job prospects by providing them with thorough training. The skills, motivation and dedication of our staff members make them real assets to our organisation. The average length of service at OWA is 18 years, which is an unusually long time for a medium-sized company.


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