OWA Produkte

OWA develops, produces and sells ceiling systems. The demands that our customers – investors, planners, designers, architects, resellers and fabricators – place on our products are many and varied: design, stability, functionality, acoustics and fire safety properties must be convincing. And one question is becoming increasingly important: "What do OWA ceiling systems contribute to the sustainable building concept?" In other words, what do the products deliver in terms of air quality, comfort, ease of removal and recycling?

You score well with OWA – according to DGNB and LEED®

The German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) award certificates according to a wide range of criteria, which are set out in 63 "statements". Less detailed, but well established as an international standard, is the LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points system. OWA products meet both these standards. They pose no health risks and they carry various quality labels.

Worth its weight in platinum: OWAconsult®

The consistency with which we position ourselves as partners to "green" architects is demonstrated by OWAconsult®, our own in-house consultancy department. When planning certification according to the Standard for Green Building LEED® or BREEAM®, or even according to the DGNB® standard for sustainable buildings, we can provide support with the appropriate ceiling and acoustic solution. We will also answer any questions associated with the composition, the health and safety and the disposal of OWA ceilings.

The feel-good factor

The design of a ceiling – materials, shapes, structures, colours – determines the homely feel of a room. The acoustic performance of a ceiling is a decisive factor for living and working in the room. Our contributions are innovative single or composite solutions, including avant-garde ceiling canopies, natural-look ceilings and flexible acoustic solutions for the variable office landscapes of tomorrow. They ensure that people feel at ease, so that they live well and enjoy achieving something - now and in the future.

Quality reflecting new values

The less often a product has to be replaced, the better it is for the environment. Our ceiling systems are designed to remain impressive for the life of the building. From the visual, acoustic, functional and fire-safety perspectives.


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