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When viewed from the perspective of sustainability, product performance and material properties are inextricably linked. The primacy of "naturalness" also applies to the material properties of OWA ceiling systems. OWA was already aware of this aspect of its production processes long before sustainability became a common topic of public discussion. Mineral wool – the base material for OWA ceiling tiles – is one of the world's most thoroughly researched and monitored building materials today.

Natural grade

OWA ceiling tiles are made of bio-soluble fibres derived from natural sources and recycled materials in differing proportions:

> biosoluble mineral wool 30 % – 60 %

> organic binding agents 5 % – 10 %

> solvent-free dispersions 0 % – 5 %

> natural fillers (clay, perlite) 20 % – 40 %

> recycled pulp 2 % – 5 %

Bio-mineral wool – the best material for the ceiling.Biosoluble and safe

OWA ceiling tiles are based on extensive research activities. The result: products that meet all the key quality, safety and environmental protection standards. This is confirmed by the RAL mark of quality, which, besides these health aspects, is also a guarantee of consistent quality. Our new ceiling tiles integrate seamlessly into the numerous quality properties that have been linked with the OWAcoustic® name for decades.

We are looking at a new material for OWAcoustic® ceiling tiles: bio-mineral wool – a mixture of sand, waste glass and limestone. This mineral product is completely safe and fulfils all national and international regulations.

OWAcoustic® tile coverings only use natural pigments that are applied as solvent-free dispersion paints.

RAL gGmbH Sankt Augustin performed an independent audit to give our customers additional confidence that OWAcoustic® ceiling tiles do not emit any substances that are hazardous to your health.

The "Blue Angel" confirms that the products are suitable for the use in sensitive areas.

A firm grip on the entire supply chain, the shortest route to quality

Another difference that OWA makes: we produce our own mineral wool. For that reason we have full control of the raw materials supply chain. We work with selected suppliers, taking care to ensure short transport routes. 80 % of our raw materials come from Germany, indeed mostly from the close vicinity.

Sustainable concept for buildings

OWA ceiling tiles are 100% recyclable, so they can be integrated into lifecycle building concepts.

Green supply chain

Environmentally-compatible production means structuring the entire supply chain on the basis of ecological criteria. Accordingly we select who can supply us with raw materials, energy and consumables, and who cannot. For example, we require our clay suppliers to keep the level of dust produced during extraction below the limits applicable in Germany, at a level that poses no risk to health.


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