Requirements of a ceiling:
  • Room acoustics: 
    DIN 18041
  • Fire resistance: 
    to F 120 (DIN 4102), up to REI 120 (DIN EN 13501-2)
  • Humidity resistance Info
          to 70 % RH

    Humidity resistance

    Suspended ceilings are exposed to extreme stresses in areas such as swimming pools and bathrooms.

    Humidity is measured as relative humidity (RH) and also always depends on the room temperature.

    OWA mineral wool plates can withstand humidity of up to 100% depending on the dimensions and the design.

  • Recommended sound absorption Info
          αw ≥  0.60

    Sound absorption

    Sound absorption means that the sound energy is swallowed by components such as the OWA ceiling elements, i.e. it is not reflected.

    The indicated degree of sound absorption αw defines the ratio of reflected to absorbed sound energy. A value of 0 corresponds to total reflection; a value of 1, in contrast, is complete absorption.

    The indicated degree of sound absorption is determined in accordance with DIN EN 11654 and relates to an audio frequency of 500 Hz.

  • Room acoustics climate Info
          4 Star(s)

    Room acoustics climate

    Room users want acoustic comfort: they want to be clearly understood, converse without interruption or maybe listen to music.

    Ideal acoustic conditions are based on a balance between sound absorption and sound reflection.

    We have developed our own scale to evaluate the acoustic properties of rooms:

    no active improvement in the room acoustics
    5 stars mean: maximum active improvement in the room acoustics

  • Fire resistance Info
      The required level of fire resistance depends on the system, the structural slab and other measures and regulations.
    Finding the right ceiling system requires that you know the target reverberation time in accordance with the room’s purpose.

    Resistance to fire
    Proven protection against fire

    OWA ceiling systems provide effective protection against fires by preventing the fire from spreading for a certain period of time.

    DIN 4102 divides components into various fire resistance classes: "F120 – fire resistant" means that a ceiling system can withstand a fire for 120 minutes.

    Our ceiling systems have successfully passed fire tests in accordance with DIN 4102 or the European standards.

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