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When the ceiling becomes unique.
Unique is an exceptional ceiling panel combining three fundamental product characteristics: sound, fire and environmental protection. Unique is a wet-felt mineral tile with an unparalleled appearance. Good to know: Unique is 100% recycable.

The stone grey surface in combination with the Harmony pattern and a concealed ceiling grid will convince you.

Difference white bevel and raw bevel

The subtle and unique colour shading of each individual tile is not just everything that "Unique" has to offer by some way: a surrounding white bevel on the edge of the tiles emphasises the tile format and allows a completely new look for the ceiling surface.

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Unique Mineral Tiles

Z Unique 01

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Technical DATA

MaterialMineral tile
Reaction to fireA2-s1,d0 nach DIN EN 13501-1
Thickness 15 mm nom. und 20 mm nom. (dependent on system)
Colour**stone grey, similar to RAL 7030, surface colour is varied
Sound reduction29 dB, CAC 31 dB (S 19)
25 dB, CAC 37 dB (S 1, S 9a)
Sound absorptionαw = 0,65 / NRC = 0,70
Humidity resistance
up to 90 % RH
Resistance to fire*
up to REI 90 (EN 13501-2)

 * dependent on system, soffit and other project specific factors

** Irregular appearance, material and colour differences in the tile surfaces and the tile bevels are intentional. The white bevel tiles may have some minimal gradients in the tile surfaces. This is a part of the natural aesthetics of the design.

625 x 625 mm20 mm nom.S 19 Teccor 
1250 x 312,5 mm15 mm nom.S 1
1250 x 312,5 mm20 mm nom.S 9a
1250 x 625 mm20 mm nom.S 19 Teccor

Ceiling Construction

> System S 1
> System S 9a
> System S 19 Teccor

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