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OWAlux®: where smooth surfaces are essential

These tiles achieve the highest requirements in cleanliness and hygiene. The smooth surface of an aluminium metal tile prevents the settlement of dirt, mould and bacteria. Particular advantage: The tiles are very durable and can be easily cleaned and disinfected.


The cleaning method depends on the different tile surface: OWAlux® with a perforatated surface is vacuumed and afterwards wiped with a damp OWA sponge.

The un-perforated surface can be cleaned with a high pressure washer. The maximum water temperature should not exceed 38° C, with a maximum nozzle pressure of 40 bar. The water Jet spray should be directed at an angle of 30° at a minimum distance of 40 cm from the ceiling surface. For this type of cleaning it is necessary that the tiles be sealed in the suspension grid with silicone sealant. Otherwise installed as system S 3.


Certificated by the independent institute Dr. Weßling laboratories as being easily disinfected.

Technical Data

Mineral wool tiles
Building class
A2-s1,d0 / A2-s3,d0 to DIN EN 13501-1
approx. 15 mm
Light reflection
on request
from 35 dB up to 49 dB (Dependent on design)
Sound absorption
Humidity resistance
 up to 95 % RH
Fire protection*
 up to F 90 (DIN 4102)
 up to REI 90 (DIN EN 13501-2)
*Dependent on system, soffit and design

Available designs

Available systems

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