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Technical Data: Overview

OWA ceiling systems offer many qualities and functions. Here, you can find the technical data in the overview.


The tiles receive a coating on both surfaces. The standard finish to the visible surface is white.


Statements referring to dimensions are based on the modular measurements of the different systems. The exact size of the individual tiles is adjusted precisely to fit the system module.

Building class

OWAcoustic® premium: A2-s1,d0 to DIN EN 13 501-1
OWAcoustic® smart: A2-s1,d0 DIN EN 13 501-1
OWAdeco®: B-s1,d0 to DIN EN 13 501-1


OWAcoustic® premium: approx 15 and 20 mm
OWAcoustic® smart: approx 14 mm
OWAdeco®: approx 12 mm

Area weights

OWAcoustic® premium: approx 300 kg/m³
OWAcoustic® smart: approx 300 kg/m³
OWAdeco®: approx 250 kg/m³

Surface weights

OWAcoustic® premium: thickness 15 mm: approx 4,5 kg/m²
thickness 20 mm: approx 6,0 kg/m²
OWAcoustic® smart: approx 4,2 kg/m²
OWAdeco®: approx 3,0 kg/m²


A careful assembly and suitable working conditions are prerequisites for a perfectly installed ceiling.


Use only construction components from the OWAconstruct®-Programme - the correct sections and individual components are available to you here for every installation situation.

Please check before installing an OWA-Ceiling on:

  • dryness of areas
  • completed plastering, cement floor screed and wet - trade installation works
  • fully glazed windows and doors
  • connected heating system that can be operated on demand

Sub construction

The suspension construction consists of zinc galvanized sheet steel. Visible sides are standard white coated. Other colours on request. Weight (according to system): approximately 1.5 to 3.0 kg/m²

Coefficient of thermal conductivity

0,063 W/mK

Light reflection

Approx. 90% with white surface

Relative humidity

OWAcoustic® premium: up to 95% RH, short-term
OWAcoustic® smart: up to 90 % RH, short-term
OWAdeco®: up to 70% RH, short-term
OWAcoustic® premium Mavroc: up to 95 % RH, permanent
OWAcoustic® premium
AquaCosmos® :
up to 100% RH, permanent

Fire protection

Regulations for the entire weight-bearing building component:

Soffit + suspended ceiling, fire resistance of 30 to 120 min. (F 30 to F 120 also REI 30 up to REI 120.)

Requirement for the suspended ceiling alone:

Self contained fire protection (from above and below) fire resistance of 30 to 90 min. (EI 30 and F 30 to F 90).

Sound protection

Against sound transfer from the ceiling cavity:

Sound insulation of 30 dB up to 49 dB.

To noise reduction and regulation of the reverberation time:

middle frequency sound absorption from 15% to 80%.

Transportation & storage

Do not throw down individual cartons or roll them on the corners. Store flat on a dry even surface. The tiles are always packed face to face in the cartons. Cut the shrink wrapping free and remove cardboard wrapper to completely expose the contents. Always remove two tiles at a time with both hands with the painted faces together. Notes on the storage and treatment of OWAcoustic® tiles are enclosed within every package.

Subsequent re-decoration

OWAcoustic® tiles can easily be re-painted with new colours. We recommend a solvent free emulsion type paint. In respect of the effect of painting on the acoustic performance of the tiles, please observe our recommendations.

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